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Who’s the terrorist?

4 September , 2014 , Category : Uncategorized

Who’s the terorrist?


Logo of the Lehi Movement. Who's the Terorrist, Tips News

Logo of the Lehi Movement. Who’s the Terorrist, The Jews Terorrist Tips News


Palestinians fought to protect, maintain and seize the land belongs to them, whereas Jewish people come to rob the country of Palestine and protect their loot.


There are two major groups of early Jewish land of Israel in Palestine
The first group of Jews in Palestine, is the Jewish settlers of Palestine until the end of the second world war in 1945.
The second group of Jews outside Palestine, were Jewish immigrants from outside Palestine.

Jewish groups in Palestine, Jewish settlers of Palestine before 1946 are not much troubled with the people of Palestine but outside Jewish groups, Jewish immigrants from outside Palestine came from Europe, America, Russia and other places since 1946 has begun to spoil the tranquility of the Palestinian population.

Jewish settlers began flocking into the Palestinian and pass into armed gangs terrorizing the Palestinian population and the English as a colonial mandate holder since the first world war.

Noted that the Jewish settlers throughout the years 1946 to 1947 the Jewish gangsters such as the Irgun, stern, and the Haganah and various other support groups do terror, sabotage and killing of many Palestinian citizens and British as the ruler of Palestine colonies.
Terrorist era in Palestine by Jewish settlers have started since the establishment of Israel until 1948 robbery of Palestinian land by military armed forces.


Great evil of human civilization up to two decades of the 21st century are organized both by governments and institutions the world, visible naked eye how the United States and its allies today advocate terrorist state of Israel who was born on the land and the plunder and bloody massacres against the Palestinian population and their land have.

The UN is of no use to the hope of justice for crimes israel protected veto the United States, the world today is witnessing their cruelty. It is time for the UN to be reformed to serve justice for the citizens of the world, many people expect to be the birth of the institution where the citizens of the world to get welfare, peace and justice
Now it is time for the world community to think clearly to stop all support for the crimes of the Israeli Jews. To the people of the world where the government supports these crimes cry out to the government to stop all support for Israel’s Jewish crime.


“In the weeks leading up to the partition of Palestine in 1948, when Britain gave up its UN mandate, Jewish terrorist groups were mounting increasing attacks on UK forces and Arab fighters, the Colonial Office papers show.” (The Guardian)


Israel the enemies #1- Demonstration Anti Israel, Freedom Palestina, tips news, chitra nusa, jual sprei murah online

Israel the enemies #1- Demonstration Anti Israel, Freedom Palestina, tips news, chitra nusa, jual sprei murah online


Zionist Army Of Israel Kidnap and Arrest Palestinian Kids, Tips News, Chitra Nusa

Zionist Army Of Israel Kidnap and Arrest Palestinian Kids, Tips News, Chitra Nusa



Who’s the terrorist?

And now while my agony is so immense
You call me the terrorists?
Who’s the terrorist?
I’m the terrorist?
How am I the terrorist
When you’ve taken my land?1
You’re the terrorist!
You’ve taken everything I own

You’re swallowing me while I live in my country.
Killing me like you killed my ancestors.
Go to the law? Why bother, my enemy.
You play the role of witness, lawyer and judge.
Upon the judge my end begins.
Your dream is that we grow fewer and moreover that we are a minority.
Your dream is that the minority become a majority in the graveyards.
Democracy? I swear you’re the beast more then Nazis.

DAM: Meen Erhabe

Siapa teroris?

Dan sekarang sementara penderitaan aku begitu besar
Kau menyebut Aku teroris?
Siapa teroris?
Aku teroris?
Bagaimana aku teroris
Ketika kau telah mengambil tanah ku? 1
Kau teroris!
Kau telah mengambil semua yang kumiliki!


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